We are creating a new way to contact your friends and family in Augmented Reality! Download now on the App Store!
Where are you? How do I get there?
No address? No problem, send a flare and we will navigate you to the location!
I'm at the game, where are you?
Get current location or real time updates of people in your flARe! groups!
Flares are viewed in the real world!
Choose a standard flare or one of the many different flare types!
Connecting you in Augmented Reality!


We are creating a new way to connect to your friends and family in Augmented Reality! Download the latest version today!

flARe! is packed with features and options! You have a full control over everything at your finger tips. With multiple flARe's to choose from, flARe makes it fun to share your location with friends and family!

Don't know the address?
Don't know the address?

Just send a flare and you are on your way with built in integration for maps and directions!

View your flares in Augmented Reality!
View your flares in Augmented Reality!

You can easily and quickly locate the direction of flARe's! sent to you. Open the flARe! and view one of many fun flARe's! in your camera viewfinder! From there you are one-click away from directions, commenting, adding photos and more!


We built flare with your security and safety in mind!  FlARes! can only be sent to people you know, in your address book, and also have the flARe! app installed!  Only receive group flares from groups you accept and are a member of.  You have control over how long you share your location!

Need Help?

Are you lost, flat tire, or in need of assistance?  Send a flARE! to your family or friends and your location will be sent to them immediately!

Communicate with flARe!

Individual and group flARe’s come with built in chat functionality so you can keep your comments relevant to the flARe you sent!

Live Group Tracking!

Meeting up with friends?  Send a group flare with location tracking and watch the live map as people get closer to your destination!  Great for events, concerts, ballgames and much more!

Download flARe! today!


flARe! Dashboard

The flARe! dashboard allows you to see 1.) your current location, 2.) Your most recent incoming flARe! 3.) One click access to send flARe’s to contacts and groups!

Get directions FAST and Easy!

Not sure what the address is to your location?  At a restaurant or event?  Send a flARe to your contact or group and flARe will send your location for fast and easy driving or walking directions!


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